Parallax embodies the rare moment when two people have a parallel experience or thought, making them aware of a collective consciousness. It allows them explore the deeper nature of that feeling when you think about other people in the world doing or thinking about the same topics as you are at the same moment in time.




Alyssa Joines


Originally from Philadelphia, Alyssa is an NYC based creative technologist and designer. Her work involves algorithmically directed visuals and motion graphics, inspired by the emergent properties of mathematics and biology. She has worked at the Center for Data Arts where she created visualizations to effectively communicate complex data sets.

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Aleksandra Jankowska

Communications | PR

Born and raised in Warsaw, Poland, Aleksandra (or Ola) is an artist, designer and tech mind. Her work embodies her ideals and cultural identity as she strives to create work of exceptional quality. She is inspired by the world around her, both physical and digital, often finding herself enthralled by virtual worlds and stories. She is someone who will push herself until the work is done right.

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Dahee Lee

Engineer | Developer

Dahee is a public servant, design strategist, designer, and educator. She has worked with community-focused groups such as Center for Urban Pedagogy and NYC Parks to create social infrastructure, public programs, installations, and socially engaged artwork. She strive not to create for, but to create with.

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Rui Xu

Creative Director

Rui is a transdisciplinary designer and artist based in New York. Through all mediums, he strives to create a sense of instinctual freedom. His work spans from traditional paintings to board games to socially engaged community projects.

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Yizhou Chen

Project Manager

Ian mainly born and raised in China and he is currently an undergraduate students in Parsons school of Design. He is a creative technologist, designer, and project manager who has experience in data visualization, modeling, UI/UX design and project planning. He is interested in creating interactive digital art with VR/AR and creative coding, also in solving problem existing in daily life with new technology.

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